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Journal Highlights

Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery or orthopedics is a speciality that deals with the conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedicians utilize both surgical and nonsurgical intends to treat acute injuries, congenital and acquired disorders and chronic arthritic or overuse conditions of the bones, joints and their associated soft tissues, including ligaments, nerves and muscles etc.

Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Orthopaedics biomechanics deals with the mechanical systems of the body to prevent and treat musculoskeletal disorders. This area of study includes the developing better knee replacement technology, analyzing the impact of car accidents on the human body, and monitoring bone injuries in athletes. It is an multidisciplinary field in nature. Research can integrate input from engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists, and other allied professionals with an interest in how to protect and strengthen the skeleton and its attached tissues.

Bone Grafting

A surgical procedure which involves replacement of missing bone in order to repair bone fractures hat are extremely complex, pose a significant health risk to the patient, or fail to heal properly. A very small fracture space or some sort of scaffold is required for the bone to regenerate completely. Bone grafts may be autologous, allograft, or synthetic with similar mechanical properties to bone.

Tumours of Bone

A malignancy of bone. The most commonly occurring primary bone cancer is osteosarcoma, as it occurs in growing bones. Cancers that start in the bones are referred to as primary bone tumours. Cancers that start in another part of the body (such as the breast, lungs, or colon) are called secondary or metastatic bone tumours.


A disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. There are more than 100 sorts of joint pain. Treatment of arthritis mainly depends on the type of arthritis.


The branch of medicine that deals with the provision and use of artificial devices such as splints and braces for supporting, align, prevent, immobilizing, or treating muscles, joints, or skeletal parts which are weak, ineffective, deformed, or injured. An orthotist is the primary medical clinician obliged for the prescription, manufacture and management of orthoses.


It is a surgical procedure which involves reconstruction or replacement of a joint.

Rotator Cuff Tendon

A group of muscles and tendons that responsible for the shoulder to move and keeping it stable. Symptoms of Rotator cuff tendinitis includes pain and swelling in the front of your shoulder and side of your arm, a clicking sound when raising your arm etc.


It is a disease characterized by abnormally dense thick bone. As a result, bone modelling and remodelling are impaired. The imperfection in bone turnover typically brings changes in skeletal fragility in spite of expanded bone mass, and it may also cause hematopoietic insufficiency, disturbed tooth eruption, nerve entrapment syndromes, and growth impairment.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is the field of medicine or sub speciality of orthopaedics refers to procedures performed to treat traumatic injuries or loss of function resulting from such diseases as advanced arthritis of the hand and rehabilitative means of all structures of the upper extremity directly affecting the form and function of the hand and wrist.

Achilles tendinitis

The interruption of the Achilles tendon by degeneration, trauma, or inflammation is known as Achilles tendinitis. Symptoms are pain and tenderness of the affected tendon, sometimes swelling may also occur.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

One of the most complex regions in the human skeletal system foot and ankle, is a branch of orthopaedics and podiatry that deals with the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle. When more conservative approaches fail to alleviate symptoms at this stage of treatment surgery is considered to be a last option. Podiatrist’s also known as foot ankle surgeon is a medical doctor specialized in the treatment of ingrown toenails, calluses, fallen arches, heel spurs, deformities of the feet, and some common lower leg injuries.


A threatening tumour that structures in ligament cells (chondroplasts) and that produces ligament framework. Primary chondrosarcoma shapes in bone and is found in kids. Secondary chondrosarcoma emerges from previous considerate deformities of ligament, (osteochondroma or enchondroma), usually after age 40. Treatment is for the most part by surgery.


Physiotherapy is medical treatment for problems of the joints, muscles, or nerves, which involves doing exercises or having part of your body massaged or warmed.